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Update Log #1


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Find here the latest updates made to the website and our services.


  1. Improved authentication
  2. Fixed the issue with not being able to create a new project
  3. Developer tools are launched and can be found here
  4. Forums have been launched and is open for contributions
  5. On Developer Portal Ctrl + S and update your MRE in real time
  6. On Developer Portal Ctrl + F to search through the document
  7. Optimized the performance of the website (faster speed)

MetaScript MRE Engine

  1. Fixed issue where trigger zones would get triggered without you being in the location
  2. Made improvements to the real time updates
  3. Started the implementation of real time communication between website and the mre
  4. General quality of life and bug fixes for the MRE engine.
  5. Added support for sending output message to player
  6. Added support for linking for Web and Altspace account

Automation Service

  1. Deployed the base version of our automation service, this is currently in private testing and will be released Q1 of 2023.
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