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Getting started with development


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On this topic you can find the steps to get started with the MetaScript development platform.

Step 1:

Create an account on https://metascript.cloud

Step 2:

Download AltVR

Step 3:

Now you have Altspace account and MetaScript account navigate to the URL below, you will get an activate code which you will need for the latest step (to link your account)


Step 4:

Go to any MetaScript supported world and enter the Zone, on your left hand click Authorize and enter your code from the portal. Once you enter the code you will get a message saying your account is linked.

From this point you will be ready for Metaverse development, any content you create will be instantly available in the AltVR platform.

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Could you go into more detail for step 4? Which worlds are MetaScript supported? Can I make my worlds MetaScript supported? The only world I could find is "MetaScript MRE Development" and the MRE in there is not running. Has anyone actually built anything in here yet?

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Hello @Ben welcome to the community,

I usually share the MRE with anyone who attends the class in person.

One reason we have to do it this way is because sharing MRE with friends on your list allows us all to access a persistent user ID, which is a very useful feature. It allows us to keep track of important information like statistics and credits across multiple worlds. This way, user attributes are available by default in many different environments.

Let me know if you are online so I can do the same. Once it is shared then you are free to drop it inside of any world and those worlds will also be MetaScript supported. You can also drop it into your friends world and those will also support the scripts.


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